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Why are you doing the 45-Day Challenge?  Please

post to comments section.

Specialty Class:  Tuesday Night 7pm Oly-lift.

To everyone who is doing the challenge I am very

proud of you for making such a big commitment.

Whether it’s just a minor tweak in your diet or a

complete life changing experience were all in it for

the same reason.  We all want to be better!  Please if

you have any questions about the program do not

hesitate to ask Barry or myself so that we can

all have optimum results in just 45days!!



By Barry P.  Barry”s Blog

This challenge will not be easy but it will be far from

the hardest thing you have done.  After the first two

weeks you should be pretty well settled and it will get

easier as time goes on.  It may even get fun as you see

changes to your body and your overall sense of well

being.  So enjoy yourself and remember, you are not

alone, we are all in this together.  Support each other

and do not be afraid to ask for support.  Together, we

can achieve levels of health and fitness heretofore

unseen for some of us.

Yours in health and fitness,


Split Jerk 1-1-1-1-1-1-1

** Athletes can choose to do Cindy any day this

week for the challenge.

  1. Leslie Reply
    I actually thought this would be a breeze for me-because I have basically been 75-80% Paleo since last November. NOT SO! The difficulty has not been in my food choices, or in my preparation, or even in the complete omission of dairy, grains and alcohol. The planning in advance of what, where and when to eat has been the biggest adjustment. That being said-Barry and Dave you are correct about sleeping better. Only on my third day and I feel extremely well rested and ready to tackle Cindy this morning! Also-I think it was Timmy last week who suggested a recipe exchange. I love this idea and hope that those of us who frequent the later WODs will do the same.
  2. Barry Reply
    Leslie - I agree, planning is the hardest thing but unfortunately success in this endeavor is 85% in the preparation. I am glad you are already seeing benefits, especially in sleeping which is probably the number one change you can make if you have not been sleeping well.
  3. Kevin Reply
    I thought Tuesdays were going to be endurance/rowing? If not, can we please change it to Tuesday?
  4. Timmy Reply
    All I can say is yikes! I'm pretty sure all girls named Cindy are ruined for me.
  5. Stretch Reply
    Why do the challenge?? I like goals, anything that has a number associated with it that i can obtain. My goal is to try my best, eat appropriate, stay away from the foods that will hinder my performance, and become stronger and faster. Since i have changed to a more Paleo lifestyle in January, i do view food differently than i have ever before. I have learned that the government have brainwashed us all into believing what is right and what we should eat. However, it's the first time i've thought to myself, what Paleo is, makes a lot of sense. I wish i could be even stricter, but i guess i have some weaknesses in that. In addition, i'm going to try to start tracking my performance day to day, as i don't feel much different, or remember if i was faster or lifted more than before. I tend to be pretty hard on myself, because i don't believe in failing, and don't accept it. I believe that you can do anything you put your mind to and believe you can do. I never thought i could do have the things that i have done in here, so no sense in going backwards. If your still reading this, thanks, i think it takes a humbling day (WOD), to really make you think about this thing we call Crossfit.
  6. Donk Reply
    Carolyn and I have been eating Paleo for well over a year now and have managed to figure out a few tricks to making the preperation easier. I was considering making a quick video of my weekly preperation routine that I have come up with and posting it here for those of you who could use some guidance. Basically, I make enough food for approximately 16-20 meals in about an hour one day a week. If people are interested, I will throw something together and post it here next week. By condensing the food prep into one day, it has made Paleo convienient to do while juggling two toddlers, two jobs, and all the typical housework. Totally off topic. Does anyone know of a good bathroom contractor in Mercer County for a gut/remodel job? I was planning on tackling this myself, but I can even imagine finding the time to do it.
  7. Barry Reply
    Donk - I would love to see the video, if you could put something together that would be awesome. Anything to make prep easier would be helpful. I am at about three-four hours myself and would love to reduce that further.
  8. Barry Reply
    nice take Stretch, keep working hard brother.
  9. Stretch Reply
    Donk would love to see the video too, i only have to balance me and my girl, so that's much more manageable
  10. Timmy Reply
    Stretch, Well said brother!
  11. tights Reply
    Donk - would love to see the video of you attempting the bathroom gut and remodel each night from 9PM to 1AM - without waking up the kids. If you're looking for a contractor, my friend Paul is real reliable - Happier Homes, Inc. 732-236-0262. He's going to have a field day with "Tights".... He only knows me by my other nickname, "Joe"
  12. Stretch Reply
    Barry/Coach Can one of you, explain a little more the bonus point section for meals, carbs and workout section. I'm not sure i fully understand the point values. Thanks so much
  13. carl Reply
    Stretch. we need to team up, because I have a lot of will power but can't count worth a darn.
  14. Timmy Reply
    Is the split jerk from the rack?
  15. tights Reply
    Timmy- Weren't you at class this AM?
  16. Ron Reply
    I think that Timmy was blinded by Cindy's beauty. The split jerk was from the rack bro.
  17. Timmy Reply
  18. Greg P Reply
    I just made sweet sweet love to my very first glass of organic coconut milk. 13.5 fluid oz 700 calories 70 grams fat (65 saturated fat) Seriously? I'm worried that I shouldn't have done that. Did I just drink an ice cold heart attack?!
  19. coach Reply
    No!! you drank an ICE COLD glass of AWESOME!!
  20. Z Reply
    First I'd like to thank the group for making me feel welcome!!! I figure the challenge would be the ideal time and ideal motivator to get to where my goal is... The same weight and "shape" I was 31 years ago... The older you get the harder you have to work at it. So here is to the Paleo Challenge!!!
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