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Barry’s Blog and day 2 of the Challenge


5 Rounds For Time:

7 Deadlifts #275 #185

14 Pistols

21 Double unders

  1. Matt Reply
    If I'm doing this right, I scored 9 points yesterday. 8 for my meals, 2 bonus points for the 5 rule, 1 point for water, 1 point for sleep, -1 for dairy, -1 for fish oil, -1 for pushups.
  2. Dawn Reply
    I hate fish burps!
  3. Donk Reply
    Hey Dawn, fish burps suck. Here's a few options. 1. Refridgerate your fish oil. You should do this anyway to keep it fresh. It thickens the oil which prevents the burps. Some people even freeze it, however I don't know if doing so would damage the oils. 2. Buy enteric coated fish oil pills. The coating prevents the pill from being digested in your stomach, and instead waits till it gets to the small intestine. Once it is there, it's not making its' way back up. 3. Pharmaceutical grade fish oil, although expensive, is pretty neutral tasting. 4. Take them before your meal. Basically bury them under meat and vegi's in your stomach. I haven't had fish burps in over a year since I started following those guidelines.
  4. Danielle Reply
    Barry, the Blog looks great and is really helpful! FGB was a lot of fun yesterday- Good work everyone! PS - getting rid of the 8ft target and replacing the 10ft with inspirational words... nicely executed, Coach! The box is looking awesome!
  5. Stretch Reply
    Solid -3 to start for Stretch. Tough when your at a wedding. :( Coach - I'll drop my money off at the box at 6am. Back on track today
  6. Dawn Reply
    thanks Donk! I will try all those suggestions. Danielle, agreed on all points. I'm even more excited to get to the box with all these new plans in place and even greater goals to dream AND reach. Thanks Coach for finding new ways to inspire us!
  7. Margo Reply
    Barry or Dave, I know I asked this before but it turned into a conversation and I don't actually remember the answer. (oops) BUT... What do consider a "meal" vs. a snack? If I had about a dozen shrimp in between my lunch and dinner (but no veggies or fat with it) does that count as a meal? Is a meal anything with protein? Or does it have to have protein + veggie + fat = meal. Thanks! Barry, do you think you can invent a point calculator on your blog so I don't have to bug you guys w/so many questions?
  8. hamilton Reply
    Margo, A meal can be a Protein and fat or protein,veggies, and fat. Don't get all messed up with snack vs. meal just make sure your getting quality meals with protein included in each one no matter what. If you want you can vary the amount between your main meals and your "snacks". I hope this helps and please keep asking questions if you have them.
  9. Greg P Reply
    I tried posting this earlier today, but it has been "awaiting moderation" since then, so I'll try again now. Hopefully it works this time. This should make a few people pretty happy… This is regarding: Mini Mac Farm _________________________________________________________________________ Greg: “Hi Helen,I will be placing an order this week, but I just have a couple questions first if you don’t mind. 1) I know that it is not on your price list, but would you be willing and/or able to sell a “half cow” to those who are interested? I have a number of individuals (another CrossFit, in fact) who would like to place that order. 2) If I buy a few pounds of your bacon, how quickly would I need to use it if I store it in the refrigerator? What about the freezer? 3) Similar to the bacon, if I buy a few dozen of your eggs, how quickly would I need to use them if I store them in the refrigerator?I think those are the only questions I have right now. Thanks.” ________________________________________________________________________ Helen: “Hi Greg,About primal cuts: We have received many requests from customers who want to purchase a “meat package” or primal cuts. We will have the price list completed this week. We are doing things a little different and want to be able we can handle orders for naturally raised meats. They will not be our animals. We promised our customers we would continue to sell our cuts of meats. We will be selling others farmer’s meats that are raised just like ours. They we will be processed in our processing center under USDA, same as we do now. We just can’t fill the demand. You will know exactly what cuts of meats you will received so you can plan menus and not get too much of one kind and not enough of another. Also, if you decide to share with someone, this is an easy want to split the meats. The time it takes for an order is about 2-3 weeks. About bacon: Bacon must be stored in the freezer until you will use. You can defrost overnight in the fridge or if, pinched for time, a bowl of water. Do not keep defrosted bacon in fridge for more than 3 days. No Preservatives! You can cook the bacon and then freeze and then use as you need.About Eggs: Eggs can be stored in the refrigerator for 4 weeks. The is the recommended time our board of health put on our eggs. Let me know if you have additional questions. Thanks!” ____________________________________________________________________ So yup, CFH can order a few HUNDRED pounds of grass-fed meat within the next week or so!

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