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Fight gone bad is on Saturday the 17th from 8am-12.

Please sign-up in the gym if your interested in



Schedule Update:  5am classes will start next Mon and

Wed.  If your interested in attending these classes

please post to comments section.


7pm Specialty classes start Tuesday and Thursday next

week.  Tuesday’s class will be anounced soon.


Here is the revised point system for the challenge.

Make sure you sign-up for the challenge by Saturday

Sept 17th.


Daily Point Breakdown


Each meal 3 values:

+3 Paleo/Zone Meal

+2 Paleo Meal

+1 Zone Meal

-2 Cheat Meal (not paleo/not zone)

Rule of 5 Bonus Points:

+1 5 Meals a day

+1 Within 5 hours between meals

-1 Less than 4 meals a day


Exercise Bonus Points:

Every participant will be on an unlimited $99

membership during the challenge.

+20 5+ WOD’s per week ** 4xweek

+10 4 WOD’s a week**3xweek

+0 3 WOD’s a week**2xweek

-10 Fewer than 2 WOD’s per week


More Bonus Points:

+1 64oz of H20

+1 8+ hours of sleep



 +1 veggies plus 2 servings of fruit ( 1 serv/size of fist)

+0 more then 2 servings of fruit but no grain, dairy,


 -1 Cheat meal


 -1 Each alcohol bev (max -5 per day)

-1 No post workout meal

-1 Fewer than 3g of EPA/DHA per day

-1 Failure to perform the required pushups for the day


Earn your money back!!

0-500 Forfeit Cash ($50)

 500-750 (1/2)$ back ($25)

750-1000 All money returned

1000+ All money + T-shirt



Points winner

Most weight lost

Most increased performance (Cindy)


A1.  Press 5,5,5


A2. For Time:



15 Squat Clean #95 #65


15 Squat Clean


15 Squat Clean



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