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Wall Ball Shots #20 #15


Box Jumps #24 #20



  1. Timmy Reply
    Already 5 points in the negative!
    • Ron Reply
      Timmy. You and I are off to a good start.
  2. Donk Reply
    Nice job with the blog Barry. The Sashimi looked awesome. What restaurant was it? I only have one suggestion. Every morning it appears you have a glass of hot water mixed with the juice from half of a lemon. While that sound delightful, here's what Carolyn and I do instead. We take that same hot water, mix it with this black stuff that looks like dirt for a few minutes. To it, we add a little bit of heavy cream. We call it "Coffee". It's amazing. You should google it. There are even places that will sell you some prepared for a few dollars.
  3. Joe Tabata Reply
    Donk, that's phenomenal!!
  4. Beth Reply
    Like the blog! Feels like it will be very supportive.
  5. Greg P Reply
    For those who were at the meeting yesterday, was there any mention of 5am classes?
  6. Bryan Reply
    Not this week but next week. Monday and Wednesday, maybe Friday if there's enough interest
  7. Barry Reply
    Donk, I tried this hot water and dessert thing you speak of. I wish I looked it up on the Internet first. I ended up with a mouthful of mud. Some sites talk of filters. Do I hold the filter full of dirt or is there some technique I should know about. Seems pretty paleo though and Pretty good nonetheless. Brushing me teeth afterwards was a bit of a bear though.
  8. Rich Reply
    Barry, love the blog. I think it is going to be very helpful. All, I need to get new CF shoes. Something on the minimalist side, but not five fingers or that type of glove shoe. Something that will be for lite running, general WODs and lifting. Any recommendations? I'm looking at the inov8 but don't know which would be better between the 230 and 195. Any info/suggestions would be appreciated.
  9. Sam Reply
    Rich go with the inov8 F-lite 230s for an all around CF shoe.
    • Sam Reply
      Oh and Barry nice job on the blog....
  10. Barry Reply
    thanks Sam. Rich, I agree go with the Inov-8's but I prefer the 195's. Just a matter of preference but the Invo-8 shoe is the way to go.
  11. Barry Reply
    Donk - forgot to mention that we at sushi at Yummi which is next to DeLorenzo's at Town Center in Robbinsville.
    • Barry Reply
      That would be ATE sushi.
  12. carl Reply
    Rich. recently got Nike Frees for walking around, but found them to be nice for wods too. light, stable, but not much cushioning. worth a try on.
  13. Rich Reply
    Thanks Sam and Carl, @Carl, I have the Nike Frees now. Generally they're good, but I get killed when I need stability.

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