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Wednesday May 25 2016


*”Murph” Saturday, June 18th. Heats will begin as early as 8:30am!

*The gym will be closed on Memorial Day: Monday, May 30th.

*Next Tuesday, we will be repeating one of the 4 benchmarks completed this month. Top 3 Male and Top 3 Female Athletes that make the biggest improvement* on 5/31 will get a limited edition CrossFit Hamilton T-shirt! (All classes 6am-7pm will be considered here).



Part 1:

As apart of the warm-up, spend 8-10 minutes

building up to a complex of 1 Deadlift + 1 Hang Power Clean + 1 Front Squat.

Part 2:

For Time:

40 Deadlifts #155/105

40 Burpees over Bar

30 Front Squats #155/105

30 Burpees over Bar


*Part 1 is meant to build to a weight a bit higher than your working (part 2) weight.

*1 Barbell for the workout. You can switch weight if needed.

*Goal is to finish deadlifts in 2 – 3 sets.

*Goal is to finish FSQT in 3-4 (at most) sets.



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