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Wednesday May 18 2016


*CFH Night Out at Trenton Thunder: May 19, 7pm. Please see Lindsay Nosari for more information.

*”Murph” Saturday, June 18th. Heats will begin as early as 8:30am!

*The gym will be closed on Memorial Day: Monday, May 30th.


Rowing Technique.

Building on each 250m.


Part 1:

3 Sets:

Row 1,000m

Rest 4-5 min.

Part 2:

GHD Hip Extensions (Full Range of Motion)

3 sets of 12-15 reps.

*Build on last weeks progression.


*Refer back to 5/4/16 for 500m times to gauge your 1k times.

*Refer back to 6/15/15 for 1k time

*Max effort each time.

*Stay consistent on pacing. For example, don’t go 100% on the first round then not be able to hold on rounds 2-3. (+/- 5-7 seconds is OKAY).

*Whiteboard Example: 

Q: 3:10, 3:12, 3:15



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