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Wednesday January 10 2018


Part 1:

Build to 3 Rep Clean and Jerk

Part 2: Open Prep

Every Minute on the Minute x 6 Minutes, Complete:

10 Box Jumps #24/20 + Max Handstand Push-ups in remaining time.

*Work for :45 seconds total, while giving yourself :15 seconds to rest before the next minute.


  • See 1/2/18 for last week’s 5 rep max
  • See 5/9/17 f0r your previous 3 rep max!!!
  • C&J is recommended to be a Squat Clean and Split Jerk
    • Other variations include:
      • Power Clean and Push Jerk
      • Power Clean and Split Jerk
      • Squat Clean and Push Jerk
  • For Open Prep, the goal is to work on a higher skill movement under fatigue!


  • Handstand Push-ups
    • Sub attempts – kick up to the wall and perform the “descent / negative” of the HSPU.
    • Further scale by performing Hand Release Push-ups
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