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Wednesday February 22 2017


 *If you purchased a CrossFit Hamilton shirt, please give cash payments to Joey or Dave this week. Thanks! 

*Sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open! Search for CrossFit Hamilton and join Team CrossFit Hamilton. Click here.


Part 1: 

Front Squat to box (See video on CFH IG)


*If you did not complete 5×5 on Saturday, do so today!

Part 2: 

5 Sets:

10 Box Jumps @24”-30” (Go higher than you normally do)

15 Slam Balls @10-40lbs

Rest :60 seconds b/t


*Part 1: Technique > Weight

*Increase weight from Saturday.

**If you did not complete 5×5 on Saturday, do this today.

*Record heaviest 3

*Team up for Part 2 and work in a you go, I go format.


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