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Wednesday April 27 2016

Neggie and Jax.

Neggie and Jax.


*Rowing specific Endurance class will begin NEXT Thursday, May 5th. Please sign up on WodHopper.

*Benchmark Tuesday’s make a return this May. Every Tuesday we will be performing a classic CrossFit Benchmark Workout. Hope all can make it. Next Tuesday, May 3rd, we will be performing “Fran!” Are you ready?!

*”The Murph Challenge 2016″ Event and BBQ at CrossFit Hamilton- June 18th. More details to follow.

See more details about this by clicking here.



7 min. AMRAP:

12/8 Calorie Row

10 Handstand Push-ups

Rest 5 min.

7 min. AMRAP:

100m Sprint

10 Overhead Walking Lunges #25/15 (plate)


*If more than 10 athletes in a class, 1/2 start on AMRAP 1 and 1/2 start on AMRAP 2.  

*Choose a # for Handstands where you can complete quickly. 

*Whiteboard: AMRAP 1 / AMRAP 2 score. 


*Scaling for HSPU: 1st- lower reps. 2nd- 20-30 sec. Handstand Hold. 3rd- Strict DB Press


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