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Tuesday March 28 2017


*Congratulations to all who completed the 2017 CrossFit Open! Lots of PRs and Great Times!


Part 1: (EMOM Warm-up) 

Every Minute on the Minute x 10 Minutes:

Odd: Practice Handstand Push-ups for :45 seconds

Even: Alternating between Left/Right Arm for :45 seconds

1 Arm Overhead Kettlebell Carry Left

1 Arm Overhead Kettlebell Carry Right

Part 2: 

With a Partner, Complete the Following each: 24 min. CAP

Row 600m

Row 500m

Row 400m

Row 300m

Row 200m

Row 100m


*Part 1 is to be completed after general warm-up

*Part 2: Each partner must row each interval. For example P1: Rows 600m, P2: rests. Then P2: Rows 600m, P1: Rest

*Score is total time that it takes to complete all rowing intervals. 


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