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Tuesday January 24 2017


As apart of the warm-up, spend 10 minutes completing:

Muscle Up Drill 3 and 4.


20 min. AMRAP

In teams of 2, complete:

P1: (Pacer) 25/20 Calorie Row

P2: As many Rounds and Reps as Possible of:

1 Rope Climb + 7 Burpees


*One Partner will row 25/20 calories while partner two is completing AMRAP of 1 Rope Climb and 7 Burpees. Once Partner 1 is finished rowing, he or she will begin where Partner 2 left off on AMRAP. 

*Score: Total Calories as a Team.

*Row should take no longer than 90 seconds.


*3 Rope Pulls for 1 Rope Climb


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