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Tuesday February 14 2017



 *Team CrossFit Hamilton T-Shirt Form has been submitted. Please give all cash payments to Joey or Dave B. 

*Sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open! Search for CrossFit Hamilton and join Team CrossFit Hamilton. Click here.

*We have extra CrossFit Hamilton Winter Beanies. Please contact Joey if you would like one! They are $20. 


Part 1: 10 minute EMOM / Weakness/Skill Warm-up

Odd Minute: Handstand Push-up Practice or Dumbbell Shoulder Press Scale

Even Minute: Muscle Up or Ring Dip Practice

*You choose the reps!

Part 2: 

10 min. AMRAP

With a Partner, Complete in a You Go, I Go fashion:

12 Power Snatches #75/55

6 Burpees over the Bar

*Partner 1 complete an entire round of 12 PS + 6 Burpees, then Partner 2 Goes. 


*Score is Total Rounds as a Team!

*Power Snatches should be cycled fast in touch and go style. This weight will most likely appear in the 2017 CrossFit Open.


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