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Tuesday December 13 2016



****CFH Christmas Party, Saturday, December 17th @ 7pm @ Alstarz. First round is on CrossFit Hamilton!

****CFH / GNC Hamilton St. Jude Fundraiser, December 17th @ 9:30 am. Teams of 3. Please see Lindsay Nosari or Joey if you are having trouble signing up for a team. 

*There will be NO Open Gym from 4-6pm, Wednesdays, and 4-5pm, Thursdays. Mercer Junior Crew Team will be utilizing the gym for their training. 

*Drop-Ins: If you are in the area for the Holiday’s, you are more than welcome to drop in to a class. Please first email us at 


Part 1:


Clean and Jerk 3 Rep Max

This does not have to be touch and go. You can drop between reps.

Part 2:

6 min. AMRAP

Max Cleans @ 80% of Part 1.



*When “Clean” is specified, it means Squat Clean. Work at lighter weights if needed. Don’t default to Power Cleans.

*Part 2 is Squat Cleans also.


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