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Tuesday August 2 2016


Following the below format, complete as many reps as possible in the given time:

3 min. Max Rope Climbs

3 min. Max Ring Dips

3 min. Max Burpee Pull-ups

Rest 3 min.

2 min. Max Rope Climbs

2 min. Max Ring Dips

2 min. Max Burpee Pull-ups

Rest 2 min.

1 min. Max Rope Climbs

1 min. Max Ring Dips

1 min. Max Burpee Pull-ups


*Score is total reps in each triplet of time. For example, total reps during 3 min., total reps during 2 min., total reps during 1 min.

*Start athletes at different stations to maximize space!


*Rope climb attempts are suggested. Sub rope pulls if rope climbs are not possible. 

*Sub banded or jumping ring dips. (see video)

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