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Tuesday April 11 2017


*CrossFit Hamilton will be closed this Sunday, April 16. Happy Easter!

*CFH Potluck Dinner and Culinary Throw-down. All CFH Members and their families are invited to join us for a potluck dinner and food competition. Bring a dish to share or enter for judging or both! Prizes will be awarded for best appetizer, side dish,  entree and dessert. Event will be BYOB. Please RSVP on the google doc that was posted to the Facebook group OR the sign up sheet at the gym. Please contact Karen Lavallen or Alison Miller if you have any questions!


Part 1:



*Build to a 1 rep max.

*Check last week, 4/6/17 for 3 rep max.

*Check two weeks ago, 3/31/17 for 5 rep max.

*See 10/10/16 for last 1rm. 

Part 2:

B1: Single Leg Deadlift 3×10 each leg using a dumbbell

Rest :60-:90 seconds.

B2: Dumbbell Step Ups 3×10 each leg

Rest :60-:90 seconds.

*Both of these movements require a lot of focus, coordination, and balance to execute correctly. Do not worry about the weight but rather focus on maintaining the intended technique.

*See CrossFit Hamilton’s Instagram for demonstration.

*Perform B1, rest :60-:90 seconds, perform B2. Repeat x 3.


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