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Thursday March 22 2018


  • Remember, following 18.5 on Friday, CrossFit Hamilton will be providing pizza! Please stay and bring your drink of choice!


Part 1:

20 minute Every Minute on the Minute, Complete:

1 Clean and Jerk

Increase Loading Through the EMOM:

Minutes 1-5, Complete 1-2 Rep at 60-70% of 1rm

Minutes 6-10, Complete 1-2 Rep at 70-80% of 1rm

Minutes 11-20, Complete 1 Rep at 80%+ of 1rm

*Continue to build through 11-20. 

Part 2:

Alternating “Tabata’s” (4 Round’s Each)

Hollow Hold

Plank (any style)

Option 2: “Active Recovery” Prep for CrossFit Open 18.4

*Please perform all active recovery and open prep on the “Open Gym” side. 

**Please ask Coach if it is okay to use equipment!

*Please perform all active recovery and open prep on the “Open Gym” side.

A) 10 min. Row / Bike / Run

B) 10 min. mobility Bands / Foam Roll / Dynamic Range of Motion

C) 20 min. EMOM

  1. Air Squats
  2. Abmat Sit-ups
  3. Pull-ups
  4. Shoulder Press/Push Press/Push Jerk with Dumbbells or Barbell


*This is meant to be done at a moderate pace and to break a sweat. This should not be “For Time” or under high intensity. 


  • Encouraged to increase loading from previous week.
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