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Thursday January 7 2016


Sign up for Jason Ackerman’s Nutrition Seminar on 2/16/16 from 7pm- ?. See Facebook post for more information.


In teams of 2, complete 3 sets EACH of: 

Partner 1: Rows 500m (Pacer)

Partner 2: Max Clean and Jerks while Partner Rows


You pick weight. 

Options / Suggestions, Recommendations and Loading guidelines based on myself (Joey)

1) Heavy weight, slower, less reps #225-245 (approximately 80% of my 1rm)

2) Light weight, faster, more reps #135-155 (approximately 50% of my 1rm)

3) Moderate weight #185-205 (approximately 65% of my 1rm)

*Choose one of the above strategies w/ your partner. If there is enough space, two bars per team is okay. 

*Row pace should be challenging as well. No sandbagging the row!!

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