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Thursday February 16 2017


 *If you purchased a CrossFit Hamilton shirt, please give cash payments to Joey or Dave this week. Thanks! 

*Sign up for the 2017 CrossFit Open! Search for CrossFit Hamilton and join Team CrossFit Hamilton. Click here.

*We have extra CrossFit Hamilton Winter Beanies. Please contact Joey if you would like one! They are $20. 


16 min. AMRAP

In Teams of 2,

Partner 1: 16 Wall Ball Shots + 16 Dumbbell Front Rack Walking Lunges (16 Total/ 8 Each Leg)

Partner 2: Max Distance (Cals) on Machine, Rower or Bike



*Partner 1 is the pacer. 

*Score is Total Calories accumulated in 16 min.

*Wall Balls should be unbroken. 

*Choose a challenging weight for the lunges but something you can move without dropping/stopping.


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