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Testimonial by Margo Larocca:

margoI’m about to be real cheesy, but I just had to give CFH and Coach Dave a little shout out.

I was just talking to my dad and he thanked Nick and me for introducing him to Paleo. Since he started it in January, he has lost weight, has been off medication for diabetes, and has been doing CF workouts at home. He recently ran in the Belmar 5-miler on Saturday. He’ll be turning 60 in August and hasn’t looked or felt better. It’s wonderful to see him so vibrant, healthy, and happy.

I just wanted to extend the thanks to CFH, especially Coach Dave and Barry for inspiring not only me, but the rest of my family and friends who started Paleo. There’s a quote that says “a teacher effects eternity, he never knows when his influence ends” and I think that could be said about Coach Dave and CFH. So many of my friends, family, and co-workers have made changes to their diets, have started paleo, or started cf wods at home. (I only wish they lived close enough to join CFH!)

I just wanted you to know, that CFH has positively effected more than just its members. Thank you.

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