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Testimonial by Barry Peterson:

5.25-23 5017963885_5b8548a6bb_z1-200x300I am so happy to have found CrossFit Hamilton.  The coaching is excellent, the programming is challenging, and the results are unavoidable.  I am about to turn 36 and after almost 10 months of CrossFit; I am in the best shape of my life.  I have played organized sports all of my life but I have never been so competent across so many different skill sets and this includes my overall nutritional approach.  The impact is also noticeable in my everyday life.  Everything is more enjoyable when you are healthy.  The best-kept secret about CrossFit however, is the community. You will never find a chain type gym where every member knows each other and has a great time at every workout.  The support and motivation that every individual gets from the community is something that will surprise you from the moment you begin.  As the banner on the home page says, the members are family and everyone is an athlete

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