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Success Stories

Testimonial by Barry Peterson:

I am so happy to have found CrossFit Hamilton.  The coaching is excellent, the programming is challenging, and the results are unavoidable.  I am about to turn 36 and after almost 10 months of CrossFit; I am in the best shape of my life.  I have played organized sports all of my life
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Testimonial by Margo Larocca:

I’m about to be real cheesy, but I just had to give CFH and Coach Dave a little shout out. I was just talking to my dad and he thanked Nick and me for introducing him to Paleo. Since he started it in January, he has lost weight, has been off medication for diabetes, and has been doing
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Testimonial by Alison Shackelford Miller:

I walked into CrossFit Hamilton when I was 39 years old.  I was at the point where my youngest was starting preschool in the mornings and I was telling myself, “Go lose weight.  Go get healthy.  Go be fit.  No more excuses.”  I had to decide between going back to the large chain gym d
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Testimonial by Sarah Spilman:

A little over a year ago I thought about trying CrossFit. I knew it would be good for me in so many ways, but I was afraid. Of the work. Of the people. I had flashbacks to high school. I’ve never been one of the beautiful people. Their confidence was intimidating. Everyone seemed to k
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Testimonial by Chelsea Pitonyak:

When I got recruited to play college soccer, there were definitely certain aspects of fitness that I wanted to focus on and enhance. I was looking for a way to get in shape that involved both strength training as well as a good deal of cardio. Usually, to get in shape I just ran long
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Testimonial by IJ Umoru:

In every gym that I’ve been a member of, I’ve always had to get a personal trainer, because, I needed someone to push me beyond my mental limit. But personal trainers got expensive, and traditional gyms were not having much of an effect on me. Then, I heard about Crossfit. I did my re
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