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St. Jude Fundraiser 2016

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As an Individual: 


30 Jumpin’ Jacks

20 PVC Pipe Thrusters

10 Push-ups

As a Team:

Set up Stations, Accumulating 20-30 warm-up reps on all movements. (i.e. 20-30 cals on rower/bike, 20-30 Wall Balls, 10-15 Pull-ups, This can be broken up amongst a few warm-up rounds.


20 min. AMRAP

P1: 15 / 12 Calorie Row, Assault Bike PACER

P2: Max Reps Wall Ball Shots #20/14

P3: Max Reps Pull-ups


** Donation Buy-In: $30+ per team

Each person who donates will be entered to win a prize from GNC.

There will be two prize winners!


-Warm-up begins @ 9am.


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