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September 8 2015


+9am Saturday Class Schedule: Sign up on WodHopper!

September 12 and 26.  

+”Lift Up Autism” 9/19/15 from 9-11am. Click HERE to sign up! 

Heat Sheet being generated. 

+ Food Trucks and CFH Night out at Laurita Winery, Saturday 9/19/15. (Sign up sheet at the gym). 


+Open Gym Time Availability: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday,Thursday, Friday: 10:30-12. 

Sunday: 11-12pm. 

Work on your weaknesses or make up a workout that you have missed!



A: Build to a 1 Rep Max Hang Power Snatch

B: Drop to 60-80% and Build to 3 sets of 10 reps Hang Power Snatch.

The purpose of B is for use in your metcon “WOD’s.” By establishing a “10 rep max” you will better be able to decide whether or not a weight is too light, too heavy or just about right in a workout. 

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