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September 29 2015


+Congratulations to Margo on her 3rd place finish at the Steeplechase Distance Run! Nice job Margo!!

+The schedule/WodHopper is updated to include both 9am Classes on Saturday’s as well as the 7pm Power Hour class on Friday’s.

+With the goal of bettering and making improvements to CFH, Dave and I have chosen to cancel classes for one day on Thursday, October 15. This means that CrossFit Hamilton will be closed on October 15. We are open to adding a class or two that week if need be to allow for all Athletes to get their WODs in! This will serve as an opportunity for Fall cleaning as well as to upkeep the maintenance on the equipment.

+CrossFit Kids Classes will resume on Saturday’s at 11am. 


 With a Partner, Complete 4 Rounds each of:

15/12 Cal Row

20 Medicine Ball Cleans #20/14

15 Push Press #75/55

This workout is completed in a work/rest fashion. Athlete 1 will complete 1 round of the workout (15/12 Cal Row, 20 MBC and 15 Push Press) while Athlete 2 rests. Athlete 2 will begin as soon as Athlete 1 finishes their Push Press. Repeat for a total of 8 Rounds (4 rounds each). 

Each round of the workout should be performed as a max effort. IE: hard/fast pace on the row, unbroken MBC and PP.

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