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September 14 2015


+Craig’s CF Kids Class is cancelled on 9/17/15

+9am Saturday Class Schedule: Sign up on WodHopper!

September 12 and 26.  

+”Lift Up Autism” 9/19/15 from 9-11am. Click HERE to sign up! 

Heat Sheet being generated. 

+ Food Trucks and CFH Night out at Laurita Winery, Saturday 9/19/15. (Sign up sheet at the gym). 


With a Partner, Complete 4 Rounds each of:

20/15 Cal Row

15 Dumbbell Thrusters

12 Burpees to a Target

This workout is completed in a work/rest fashion. Athlete 1 will complete 1 round of the workout (20/15 Cal Row, 15 DB Thrusters and 12 Burpees) while Athlete 2 rests. Athlete 2 will begin as soon as Athlete 1 finishes their burpees. Repeat for a total of 8 Rounds (4 rounds each). 

Each round of the workout should be performed as a max effort. IE: hard/fast pace on the row, unbroken thrusters and fast burpees.


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