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Saturday May 13 2017


*Save the Date: “Murph,” Saturday, June 3rd, 2017. 

*ALS Marathon Row for a Cure, Saturday, June 10th, 2017 @ Lululemon Montclair. Please see Marcie Margotti for more information on how to join a team and how to donate.


On a Running Clock:

2 minutes on / 2 minutes off:

20 Wall Ball Shots #20/14

15 Box Jumps #24/20

Max Calorie Row in Remaining Time

4 minutes on / 4 minutes off:

25 Wall Ball Shots #20/14

20 Box Jumps #24/20

Max Calorie Row in Remaining Time

6 minute CAP

30 Wall Ball Shots #20/14

25 Box Jumps #24/20

Max Calorie Row in Remaining Time


*Athletes will get as far as they can in the above triplet in the allotted time.

*Athletes will reset at the beginning of each triplet. 

*Wall Balls should be unbroken!


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