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Saturday April 16 2016

Coach Jake reflecting.

Coach Jake reflecting.


*Benchmark Tuesday’s make a return this May. Every Tuesday we will be performing a classic CrossFit Benchmark Workout. Hope all can make it. 

*”The Murph Challenge 2016″ Event and BBQ at CrossFit Hamilton- June 18th. More details to follow.

See more details about this by clicking here.



Part 1: 

10 min. AMRAP

21 – 15 – 9

Calorie Row

Burpee Over Rower

REST 5 minutes

Part 2: 

10 min. AMRAP

100m Run

10 Deadlifts #185/125


*If more than 10 athletes, 1/2 class starts on Part 1 & 1/2 class starts at Part 2.

*Everybody warms up to Deadlift weight in the warm-up.

*No more than 10 barbells on floor at 1 time.



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