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CFH Christmas Party tonight @ 7pm.  All

members welcome!!  Bring family, friends, food,

and alcohol!! Any questions or concerns

about the party please post to comments section.

If your worried about time don’t!!  Stop on

by any time it’s gonna be going on all night!!

Schedule Update:  Coach Carl will be hosting an

8am wod on Saturday if anyone is interested.

There will be no 11am.

  1. Linda Cuilla Reply
    So bummed I can't make it tonight. Have a wonderful time.
  2. Jen Reply
    I was planning on going to the Christmas party after my husband got home from work tonight. However, I am sick. Exposing all you nice people to the germs that have been circulating through the Hines house would certainly not be "merry". Have a great time tonight and be safe. Looking forward to hearing who will be lucky enough to wake up tomorrow morning in their backyard... Merry Christmas Tripp!
  3. carl Reply
    Are we skyping The Trippster in for the party?
  4. Danielle Reply
    It's finally here. Dawn, I have a special gift for you that will need to be refrigerated. Feel better Jen!
  5. Danielle Reply
    Great party.
  6. Dawn Reply
    I forgot my special gift : <
    • Danielle Reply
      Dawn, it's in the fridge at CFH. You can chug it after your WOD today :)

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