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Monday June 6 2016


* Please pay cash to Annamarie or me if you purchased a Dawn t-shirt.

*”Murph” Saturday, June 18th. We will have three heats: 8:30, 9:30, and 10:30 am. A Google Document is available for sign ups! More information is in the Facebook group. Please see Lindsay Nosari if you have any questions.



Set Clock to 18 minutes:

4 minute Max Calories on Rower (Goal 60-80 Calories (Women/Men))

4 minute Max Push-ups

3 minute Max Calories on Rower (Goal 45-60 Calories)

3 minute Max Push-ups

2 minute Max Calories on Rower (Goal 30-40 Calories)

2 minute Max Push-ups


1/2 class begins on Rower

1/2 class begins on Push-ups

*Max accumulation of reps altogether. 




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