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Monday 6pm and 7pm Classes are BACK! & #Regionals

A big big big big congratulations to both Carl and Dawn for officially

securing their spots for the next round of competition. 

Carl finished 22nd in the North East and has been invited to attend regionals at Reebok HQ in Canton, MA. The dates for Regionals are: May 30- June 1. We have a big crew from the box heading up to Boston for the weekend to support our boy Carl! Please see Dave or myself if you have any questions about hotels, etc.

Dawn finished 32nd in the WORLD in the Master’s Division and was invited to partake in the Master’s Qualifier. The Qualifier will run from April 17-21. Dawn will need to complete 4 workouts and submit her scores and videos to CrossFit HQ. Dawn has the potential and ability to make it to the big dance in California in July.

So pumped to see how they finish! Keep showing them continued support along the way!

News & Events:

The additional Monday 5pm “Specialty” class has been postponed at this time. We want to explore all of our options and ensure we make it right for the members of CFH prior to committing.

Starting THIS week April 7th, we will have an additional 6am class on Tuesdays. Additionally, we will be holding a 5pm class on Friday evenings. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm are canceled at this time.

Please click this link for information regarding Memorial Day Murph 2014 Challenge.

Memorial Day Murph


15 min. AMRAP 

w/ Partner

Partner 1 completes 1 round of “Cindy”

while Partner 2 completes AMRAP of Ground to Overhead #75 for all.

After Parter 1 completes his or her round of “Cindy” you then switch.

Score is : Total REPS of Ground to Overhead


5 Pull-ups

10 Push-ups

15 Air Squats

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