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July 28 2015


+There will be no 7pm class on Tuesday, July 28 due to the CrossFit Night Out at the Trenton Thunder! Pick up your tickets in front of the ticket window at 6:15pm before the game from Mamma Dill or Victoria!


Click Here to Learn Who Tosh is?! 

“Team Tosh”

In Teams of 2:

3 Rounds:

200m Run

400m Run

600m Run

*One athlete works at a time.

*Rest the time it takes partner to complete each interval.

*Partner 1 Runs 200m while Parter 2 Rests. Partner 2 Runs 200m while Partner 1 Rests. Then, Partner 1 Runs 400m while Parter 2 Rests. Partner 2 Runs 400m while Partner 1 Rests. Then, Partner 1 Runs 600m while Parter 2 Rests. Partner 2 Runs 600m while Partner 1 Rests. Repeat x 3. 


If time permits, use the rest of the class time to work on a gymnastics skill.


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