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Happy Wedding Day to Coach Jake and Coach Tori


Part 1:


5 – 5 – 5 – 5 – 5

Part 2:


*A spin from 2018 Individual CrossFit Games Workout

10 min. AMRAP
5-8-13 reps of:
Parallette handstand push-ups
Deadlift #315/205
Then, lunge 100 ft. with 2 kettlebells overhead

2 53-lb. KB for lunges
2 35-lb. KB for lunges

Athletes will complete 5 handstand push-ups and 5 deadlifts, 8 handstand push-ups and 8 deadlifts, then 13 handstand push-ups and 13 deadlifts. They then will pick up 2 kettlebells and lunge with them overhead. If time remains, return to the handstand push-up


  • Today’s workout will be challenging!
    • This will be completed as a 10 minute Time Cap or AMRAP.
  • Choose a Handstand Push-up variation that is challenging to you
    • Stack plates if you are completing as prescribed
  • For the Deadlift, choose the prescribed weight or use 70% of Part 1.
    • The Deadlifts do not have to be completed unbroken but athletes should be able to cycle a few repetitions and maintain movement mechanics.
  • For the lunge, athletes may use 1 Kettlebell or 1 Dumbbell overhead. Practice this in the warm-up
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