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August 8 2015


Upcoming Events (check out our Calendar at CFH):

+Trudy has put together a CrossFit Hamilton beach day on Saturday, August 15th at The Sea Shell on LBI. Please let us know if you have any questions!

+Starting August 6th, CrossFit Kids will offer a program designed specifically for Kids ages 5-8. The class will be at 7pm on Thursday’s. Please contact Coach Craig for details and if you have any questions!

+”Lift Up Autism” 9/19/15 from 9-11am. Click HERE for more information.


+Open Gym Time Availability: 

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday: 10:30-12. 

Sunday: 11-12pm. 


In teams of 2, complete:

Run 800m

AMRAP of: 8 Wall Ball Shots + 8 Box Jumps

Run 600m

AMRAP of: 6 Wall Ball Shots + 6 Box Jumps

Run 400m 

AMRAP of: 4 Wall Ball Shots + 4 Box Jumps

While P1 Runs, P2 is completing the AMRAP. When P1 completes run, Partners switch and continue until completion.

Both Partners should be running each distance!

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