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This Thursday bench mark is Diane!

Nutritional Challenge is September 21st.   If your on the fence about committing to the challenge remember that this time around there is no competition, no pressure, and no fear of everyone seeing your scores or results!!  This is your own personal challenge!  Just a reminder that if you have any questions please let us know.

New Look in gym.  I moved things around in the gym a bit.  You’ll find that almost all the bumper plates, bars, and PVC pipes are located right where the rowers used to be in front of the platforms.  This is an attempt to create a divide between an area for regular classes and a section reserved for intros, foundations, accessory work and mobility.  The rowers are tucked back in the corner out of the way where the bars and plates used to be.  Please do not move them or raise them up, this is a coaches responsibility.  All boxes are now under the pull up station.  Please do not stack the boxes on top of each other, this causes them to get stuck and not only does it destroy them it’s very annoying for the person that has to try and separate them.  It doesn’t matter what box goes where, but if it’s a box it goes under the pull-up station along the wall.  I’m fully aware that space is sometimes limited, but please do not move equipment to create more space for yourself.  Here are some other things that need your attention in the gym.  Keep in mind that if anyone has any issues with the gym whether it’s classes, schedule, equipment, or whatever I recommend you talk to me about it personally and I will do my best to get it resolved.

1.  Be a little tighter with your workout area,  ever been to a crossfit competition?  competitors are only an arms length away from each other so stop thinking that you need a 20ft radius around your bar.  If your only using 10lb bumper plates on the bar and its a packed house, then don’t drop the bar because you know it’s gonna skip halfway across the gym and potentially injure someone.  We used to run classes of 15 in the old gym that was not even half the size of this gym so theres more then enough room for everyone.

2.  Actually use the cubbies for bags.  There’s always 20 duffle bags on the floor in front of the cubbies and 40 water bottles in the cubbies.  Seriously?  If they don’t fit put your bag in the lounge, there should be a clear path from the door to the bathrooms.  Did you notice the lockers that have enough room to fit a small person in them?  Just sayin.

3.  If you show up 30 minutes early for class during peak hours stay out of the way.  don’t foam roll in front of the bathroom, or on the platforms when people are working out.  Don’t go on the gym floor and do Passovers while people are still training.  Ask a coach if there is a place where you won’t be in the way so that you can warm up.


New Updated Schedule!  All classes and open gym times are now available to sign up.  Along with the addition of more open gym time we have increased the class cap size to 18.

Mon. 6am, 9:30am, 12pm, 4:30-6pm (open gym), 6pm, 7pm

Tuesday 9:30am, 12pm, 4:30-6pm (open gym), 6pm, 7pm

Wed. 6am, 9:30am, 12pm, 4:30-6pm (open gym) 6pm,7pm

Thurs. 9:30am, 12pm,  5pm, 6pm

Fri. 6am, 9:30am, 12pm, 4pm-7pm (open gym)

Sat. 8am-10am (open gym), 10am

Sun.  11am-12pm (open gym)



15 Minute AMRAP

Alternate 20 Back Squats/Front Squats From Ground #135 #95

20 Burpees over the bar.

Coaches notes:  Switch Front with back squat every other round.

Extra Credit:

Advanced: Max MU’S in 2 Minutes.

Intermediate: Max KB Swings in 2 Minutes.



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