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Saturday March 11 2017


*Thank you Andy and Kettlebell Kitchen for sponsoring last night!

*Attempting 17.3 again? You will have another opportunity on Monday night from 4-7:30pm. Please secure a judge and utilize the main side of the gym. 

*Open Gym access only if space available. CrossFit Class and Open Redo takes precedent. 

*Please remember to log your scores on your Games profile on by Monday, 7:55pm EST.  


With a Partner, on a 20 minute Running Clock, Complete 5 Sets Each, 10 Total. 

In a 2 minute window, complete:

2 Rounds of: 

7 Push Press #95/65

5 Burpees over the Bar


Max Calorie Row in the Remaining Time.

*Score is Total Calories as a Team. Keep a running monitor.


*You Go, I Go format.

*The 2 Rounds of PP & Burpees should take no longer than 1:15.

*You should be able to Row hard for 45 seconds before switching with your partner.

*Timeline Breakdown:


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