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Starting next week there will be more available open gym time.  Scheduled times will be posted by the end of the week.  You’ll be expected to sign up for these open gym times just like the regular classes.



CrossFit is universally scalable. The same workout can be performed by beginners as well as advanced athletes, where the only difference is intensity and load. These workouts vary by degree not kind.  The key is finding scales in a WOD for athletes with varying levels of fitness and/or athletes that have injuries while keeping the purpose of the workout roughly the same.  Whether it’s trying to Rx a workout, going to heavy and having to strip the weight off the bar by the 2nd or 3rd round or the opposite, finishing first and realizing that you went way to light or substituted a movement that didn’t challenge you at all.  Here are a couple tips for you guys that hopefully simplify things a bit and help you with scaling.

Strength– You’ll see a lot more progress if you consistently record your weights for each strength day that you do on a weekly basis.  We squat heavy at CFH more then any other movement so if you hit a PR recently in a back or front Squat the consistency and hard work is paying off.  You should be focusing on increasing the weight 5 to 10lbs each week on the lifts.  You must have and work on efficient technique in order get stronger in the lifts.

Skills– Like pull-ups, HSPU’s, double unders and I like to throw the oly lifts in this category as well take a lot of time and practice.  If there done before or after WODS perform them under complete control, not fatigue.  Set the clock and perform solid under control reps on the minute and get some volume in.  Im also a fan of using them in a WOD to get better, but please for the love of God and your joints slow the **** down!!  Rx the workout, getting the most rounds and your time do not matter, just your effort and your progress.  When scaling for skills in a WOD choose something that is going to make you better, stronger, and get you one step closer to performing that skill that your substituting for.  Don’t just try and attempt HSPU’s when your not past full range of motion in the pushup. 

Patience– CrossFit is really hard in case you guys haven’t figured that out yet, and the better you get? Well, it doesn’t get any easier for you then either.  Your gonna have good workouts and bad ones, you might not hit a PR every time and sometimes you might not even hit 85% of your 1RM.  Take baby steps towards your progression and build on it each week, set small goals for yourself and look for those small wins, and success, they add up pretty quickly.  Don’t worry about your lack of recovery from yesterday’s WOD or the 2 hours of sleep that you had,  your pre-wod nutritional choice totally sucked, or you didn’t get your 45 minutes of mobility in( I use all of these every time Joey wins a workout).  I know you guys are sick of hearing me say this, but just focus on the movements and performing them to the best of your ability and the rest will take care of itself.

At CFH as coaches we want to make sure your progressing the right way, safely.  If we tell you to second guess that weight, or offer a different option for a scale, and even demand more out of your performance it’s simply because we know your capable of doing it, this is our role.  Your role?  Get Results!  

Speaking of Goals what are yours?  Please guys let your coaches know if you have goals that you want to crush, were not mind readers and being timid doesn’t really work well in a CrossFit gym so ask questions, be vocal, and show us that your interested and want to get better!!  Just a reminder that its probably not the best time to ask questions when were working out, but any other time its on!!  



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