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What ever your goals are in CrossFit make sure you enjoy all the hard work you put into it  and have fun!!

What up Ninjas? Just want to leave you a little reminder that I myself forget from time to time. You have to have fun!! At least occasionally, you do.  Workouts are hard.  Shit, life is hard.  And how we walk through training will affect how we walk though life so lets try to enjoy it!  I will often forget to have fun for weeks on end and it really makes me question why I am doing all of this. However, if you need to remember that you are doing this by choice and that you have the opportunity to be in the gym pushing your limits with friends.  You are healthy and part of a larger awesome community.  Your friends in the gym could really give a shit less about how you preform and really just care that you go as hard as you can.  When you remember all of that,  training can be very fun no matter how hard the workout is.

So remember you are doing this all by choice so choose to have some fun and check out how much more enjoyable training is!!

~ Pat Barber




Back Squat 5,5,5,5,5 E3M


Split Jerk ( From Rack )

20 Minutes to build to a 1RM


Run 800 Meters X3 @ 1:1 (work to rest ratio)

Sub 1000 Meter row for runs.

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