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Nutritional Challenge and Hydrostatic body fat testing starts this Saturday!

Thursday night yoga with Leslie!!!  Everyone that is interested in having yoga back into the program please post to comments section or the CFH members only official page.  Here are the details.

Thursday at 6pm.  Yes this will take place of our current 6pm class on Thursday nights.

The 5pm class on Thursday nights will be a special team, partner workout and there will be no cap on the class.

The yoga class will be free for all unlimited members or a $10 buy in.

Yoga is great for mobility and core strength.  It also offers a nice change of pace during the week of intense CrossFit workouts.  Whether your trying to increase performance, or simply trying to dial back the intensity, and still get a very challenging workout, and even use it as active recovery, yoga can only help supplement your training program.



AMRAP 15 Minutes


15 Burpees

21 OHWL #45 #25

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