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This Thursday from 5-7pm we will be performing benchmark WOD Diane!!  There will be no class cap during that time so everyone is welcome.

Nutritional Challenge is September 21st.  Everyone that is planning on doing the challenge that’s not familiar with The Paleo or Zone diets should atleast start to gain some information and practice.  This will help you with experience and preparation before the challenge actually starts.  Don’t wait for the meeting and start asking questions now.  If your on the fence about committing to the challenge remember that this time around there is no competition, no pressure, and no fear of everyone seeing your scores or results!!  This is your own personal challenge!  Just a reminder that if you have any questions please let us know.


Snatch and Clean technique done at Cal Strength.  I think this is a great little video because its with 2 beginner lifters, and I feel a lot of you that are new to the lifts or struggle with the technique can get some benefit to watching this, and see the progression that the coach puts them through.  Pay attention to how the coach breaks the pulls down into 2 parts.  part 1 is the pull off the ground to the knee and then your position changes and transfers into part 2 where the bar moves into the hips.


AMRAP 16 Minutes

25 Push Press #115 #75

25 TTB

400 Meter Run


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