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Important Dates: (More information to follow)

September 2nd: Benchmark “Helen” Test
September 30th: Benchmark “Helen” Re Test

September 8th: First Olympic Weightlifting Speciality Class
-Limited to 12 people (sign up through WodHopper)
-No Extra Cost
-Counts as a class towards current membership

September 8th: Goals, Performance, and Nutrition talks begin
-15 min. window of time
-Note Sheets provided prior to
-Sign-up sheet at box (No sign-up through WodHopper needed)
-Window of time for each coach will be posted by the weekend
For example, Coach Dave will be available in the morning and at night on Monday and Tuesday.
-No Extra Cost for this
-Some prep work may be necessary prior to meeting

September 6th: CrossFit Hamilton Night Out @ 7pm. Please see FB page/coach for details! We hope you can make it 🙂


In 15 min, build to a heavy 5 rep Bench Press


15 min. Partner AMRAP


Power Clean

Floor Press * (new movement for most)

Cal Row

*Choose a weight that is heavy and both you and your partner can move quickly.

*At the count of 3,2,1 go, Partner A performs 9 reps of each movement then tags Partner B’s hand. Partner B then performs 9 reps of each movement. Repeat for 7, 5 and continue the 9-7-5 rep scheme until time is called.

*2 bars max per team!


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