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-Please sign into WODHopper for Sunday Open Gym. We need a minimum of 5 athletes to commit in order to hold the class! Thanks!

**1rm testing for Press on Tuesday and Front Squat on Friday!


15 min. on the Clock 

3 min. of max Rope Climbs

1 min. of Rest/Transition

3 min. of max Medicine Ball Cleans #20/14

1 min. of Rest/Transition

3 min. of max Rowing

1 min. of Rest/Transition

3 min. of max Double Unders

 Set-Up & Scaling

-Evenly split the athletes into four groups and have them start at different stations. 

-The intended stimulus is such that you should not stop moving for the entire 3 minutes. Choose a MB Clean weight that allows you to achieve this intended stimulus or scale to air squats (just as effective 🙂 ). 


Rope Climb —> Sit to stand/Rope Climb progression

Medicine Ball Cleans —> Air Squats

Rowing —> Rowing

Double Unders —> Attempts in 3 min. / Coaches Choice

Some footage right before the WOD at this weekend’s Level One Certificate Course in Morristown, NJ. James Hobart is leading the charge!








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