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News & Events:

1) During the day on Monday through Friday, please do not use/park in the Aquas and Lightning Delivery area.

2) During the above time, we cannot block access to the road when doing warmups as a group outside. Weekends are OKAY.

3) June 18-20 are the dates that we have set to make improvements and modifications to the gym. The plan is to run classes and workouts at the park or track. Please standby for more information on this.

4) There will be a few scheduling changes starting July 1. Again, we are working to best maximize space and experience at CrossFit Hamilton!


In teams of 2:

Run (3) 400m Loops (As a team)

80 Kettlebell Swings (1 person works at a time)

60 Toes to Bar

Run (2) 400m Loops (As a Team)

60 Kettlebell Swings

40 Toes to Bar

Run (1) 400m Loop (As a Team)

40 Kettlebell Swings

20 Toes to Bar

Teams of 2, the runs are together, the kettle bell swings and toes to bar will be completed with 1 teammate working at a time. All KBS must be completed before T2B.



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