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Towards the end of June (not sure exact dates but you will know), CFH will be taking to the outdoors for a couple of day with classes while we reorganize and reassemble the rig. Our goal at CFH is to best maximize the space in the gym, create an unmatched atmosphere for individuals to train and have fun, and ensure a safe environment for all.

We will do our best to hold classes at the track or in the park for the two (ish) days.

Thanks for understanding and please keep checking the blog for updates.


4 x 3 minute AMRAPs:

Rest 2 minutes after each round

Row 300m then with the remaining time,

AMRAP Burpees


If there are more than 12 in a class, Athlete 1 starts at 3, 2, 1 go. Athlete 2 starts at the 2 minute mark. Rinse, wash, repeat!

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