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6/18/14 – 6am class as normal. 6/7pm held at Rville Track

Howth: Dublin, Ireland

Howth: Dublin, Ireland

1) June 18-20 are the dates that we have set to make improvements and modifications to the gym. The plan is to run classes and workouts at the park or track.

2) There will be a few scheduling changes starting July 1. Again, we are working to best maximize space and experience at CrossFit Hamilton!

On Wednesday 6/18, :

6am normal class

9:30/12: Cancelled

6pm and 7pm (no cap): will be held at the Robbinsville High School Track, tentatively. Please check back tomorrow for final notes on Wednesday/Thursday classes. Thanks!

155 Robbinsville Edinburg Rd

Trenton, NJ 08691, United States

6am WOD:

10 x 100m Sprints

Rest 90 seconds in between.

All sprints should be performed as max effort!

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