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Memorial Day Murph : Saturday, May 17th.

May 3 and May 4 CrossFit Kids classes are cancelled.

May 4 Open Gym is still on.


20 min. Running Clock

Minutes 1-12

Complete 3x (or until 12 minutes is up)

400m Run

10 Back Squats #205/135

Minutes 13-20

Accumulate / Complete 75 Wall Ball Shots (or until 20 minutes is reached)

If you rest/ball touches the ground, complete 25 DU’s

*Choose a weight for the BSQT that you can safely: clean, jerk, and re-rack on your back for the squats. 

**No Racks for this WOD

***If you complete part 1 in under 12 minutes, you rest until time the next part starts. If you complete part 2 in under 8 minutes, your workout is complete. 






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