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Benchmark Thursday’s!!  Our Benchmark WOD for the month of May is Helen!!  This Thursday night from 5:30pm-7:30pm everyone is welcome to come out and participate in the challenge.  Yes, it’s a competition, and you will be judged, but only if you want to.  Here’s what’s going down.  At the beginning of each month we will be performing a benchmark wod in a competition setting just like the open.  If you participate in the challenge you will have to be judged so that you have an accurate measure and score to retest in the same benchmark at the end the month.  You do not have to perform each benchmark RX’d in order to participate.  Everyone is welcome to come out even if you just want to do the wod, and not participate in the challenge.  This Thursday both the 5:30 and 6:30 classes will be combined for an open gym atmosphere, there will be a warm-up on the board, and afterwards the coaches will be going over the standards.  Do not worry about the cap on the classes for Thursday night this week!!!



8 Minute AMRAP


OHS #95 #65

Double Under

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