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The additional Monday 5pm “Specialty” class has been postponed at this time. We want to explore all of our options and ensure we make it right for the members of CFH prior to committing.

Starting next week April 7th, we will have an additional 6am class on Tuesdays. Additionally, we will be holding a 5pm class on Friday evenings. Classes on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12pm are canceled at this time.


Partner WOD:

For Time:

20 Calorie Row

30 Burpees with a jump to plate #45/25

40 DB Ground to Overhead #45/30

40 Overhead Walking Lunges with plate #45/35

30 Toes to Bar

200m Run


This WOD will be performed in teams of 3. Put your fastest & best athlete first. The next athlete cannot start/advance until the athlete in front of you has finished the current movement. For example, athlete X must complete all 20 calories on the rower before athlete Y can begin their row. Athlete Z must wait until athlete Y is completely finished the row, before he or she can row. In regards to the run, you must be tagged by your teammate prior to starting your portion of the run.

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