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Sunday’s open gym from 11-12 is now available to sign up on Wod Hopper!!  It will count as a regular class, and remember that open gym means exactly that, your free to do any wod or work on any skill, but this is not a structured class.  


Beyond Paleo:  When To Move Outside The Box.

Most folks understand the concept of “Paleo” regarding nutrition; there’s 1000 different blogs, books, and (now) companies using the tag.  There’s also no doubt it’s a highly effective template in nutrition.  At it’s base, it’s meat n’ veggies, relatively devoid of common nutritional offenders.  As the flowchart above shows, the questions of “Is This Paleo” can be heard a lot—but does it have to be adhered to with black and white fanaticism?  From individual to individual, the answer is most definitely no.  If we consider athletic performance, a strict Paleo diet will almost always equate to lowered performance.  Some thoughts:
  • Rice:  A grain—and a form of easily digestible starch.  White rice  = lower in phytic acid.
  • Quinoa:  technically a seed, and contains saponins, a known GI irritant.  But is that even relevant when we talk about processed, washed, and cooked quinoa?  Saponins, phytic acid, tannins and protease inhibitors in quinoa
  • Beans:  For all intent and purpose, a carbohydrate source; depending on type, contain a large amounts of lectins & saponins, potentially inflammatory & GI irritating.  But properly cooked? Assessment of lectin inactivation by heat and digestion.    (from the full study, cooking at 100 degree C. for a mere 10 minutes deactivates any lectins present.)  The raffinose (indigestible oligosaccharide) will still get you in the end, though…”beans, beans, the magical fruit…”
  • Oats:  Another grain, contains a protein prolamine called avenin, similar to gluten.  But avenin only makes up 16% of the protein in oats, where gluten makes up close to 70% in wheat.  While avenin isn’t deactivated by heat, the lectins are.
As with any item, individual goals, GI health, and response to said foods must be considered.
Mike Kesthely


For Time:

50 Double Unders

10 Clean & Jerks #135

40 Double Unders

8 Clean & Jerks #155

30 Double Unders

6 Clean & Jerks #185

20 Double Unders

4 Clean & Jerks #205

10 Double Unders

2 Clean & Jerks #225

Coaches Notes:  Womens weight set at 74% of mens weights.

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