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 Schedule Update!!  All 10am classes Monday – Friday have been moved to 9:30am.


Thank you everyone for handing in your pre and post results for the challenge,  For those who couldn’t make it to the gym today you have until Wednesday to get them in.  Things have been really crazy in the gym right now so my focus is not 100% on everything, but I want everybody who participated in the challenge to know how proud I am of you all.  In just 29 days the results are amazing.  winners will come shortly after reviewing the results. Because there are so many potential winners this will take about a week.


Competitors Course:  Thursday @6:30-8:30pm

Prerequisite:  HSPU’S, Double Unders, Muscle Ups for the men, CTB Pull-ups for the women.  Efficient in the Olympic lifts.

This class is for the preparation of the open and will cover topics such as.

Identification of weaknesses

Gymnastic and Oly skills breakout

Mental Preparation





There will be 2 wods in this class based around a lecture and skill breakouts so bring snacks and your recovery meals.  Any questions please email me at



Coaches Choice


A1.  Back Squat 3-3-3-3-3

A2.  Take 80% of your 3RM and perform 1 set of max reps.


3 Rounds with a partner

15 Unbroken double KB Russian Swings

20 Partner Med Ball Toss Sit-ups

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