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For Time

50 Power Cleans #135 #95

50 CTB Pull-ups

50 KB Swings #53 #35 (Regional Standard)

  1. carl Reply
    great pic, Coach.
  2. Timmy OD Reply
    Things I learned this morning: 1. 50 of anything + 50 of something else + 50 of something else = pain t 6AM 2. It's frightening that Stretch has become the Alpha dog of the morning crew. Barry where are you? 3. Carl is going for a new look in his old age. 4. After an extended hiatus Tights is still capable of executing a graceful dismount from the pull-up bars. Have fun everyone this one is a bear.
  3. hamilton Reply
    sorry that pic covered the wod. It looked good on my cell and ipad... -Katye
  4. Stretch Reply
    Good to see my buddy Tights back at the box at 6am. He didn't have tights on, so i didn't immediately recognize him. Timmy is anxiously awaiting his national holiday this weekend, and promised he would drink a beer for all of the CFH members. Poor Nicole, stuck with me, Timmy and Tights. I don't think i would wish that on anyone. Even with that she had a great performance. I think because she was clear across the room from me and narrowly avoid Joey "Black Hawk Down" Tights. Timmy, i could never replace Barry as alpha male, i can only hope to use his inspiration and power of the bald head to guide me
  5. tights Reply
    1. Someone give Coach a pat on the back! Nice work. 2. I'll be holding a special instructional session to review the proper dismount technique from the pull-up bar with one foot caught in a band [and said band still attached to said bar]. 3. Great to be back.
  6. carl Reply
    I just thought it was a new move, The Flying Tights! although it did look more like The Falling Tights! great work this morning by everyone.
  7. Linda Cuilla Reply
    Went to light on the power cleans tonight. Was so afraid of my form if I went heavier. Ugh, now I'm mad at myself

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